Posted: March 31, 2015

Want to run a business that has no competitors? Learn how with the Blue Ocean Strategy.

To build a blue ocean, first build a fire under your butt….


You’ll need to put serious effort into making your competition irrelevant.

What I learned in just the first 13 pages from the new updated bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy is worth its’ weight in gold. What’s a blue ocean? It’s a product or service growing into uncontested market space. Products or services so unique in their substance or positioning that there are no competitors. And what’s a red ocean? The old world of competitive reality that organizations face constantly where marketing attempts to address the challenge of survival every minute of every day.

Launching a blue ocean company won’t be easy. The vision of the lone and creative entrepreneur, innovation, and creativity have been essentially viewed as a black box…unknowable and random. And, while the field of strategy has produced a wealth of knowledge on the content of strategy, it has remained virtually silent on the key question of how to create a strategy to begin with.

Value innovation: the cornerstone of blue ocean strategy

To capture increasing savvy customers’ imaginations and wallets, both differentiation and low cost are needed. You can’t offer one without the other. To stand apart in an overcrowded world of marketing you need to be creative through value innovation.

You can do it. It’s not magic. Read the book!

Some thoughts from the book: What consistently separates winners from losers in creating blue oceans is their approach to strategy. Surprisingly successful creators of blue oceans don’t use competition as their benchmarks. Instead they follow a different strategic logic that authors Kim and Auborgne call value innovation, which is the cornerstone of the blue ocean strategy. They call it value innovation because instead of focusing on beating the competition, you focus on making the competition irrelevant by creating a leap in value for buyers and your company, thereby opening up new and uncontested market space. To sum up, those that seek to create blue oceans pursue differentiation and low cost simultaneously.


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Because you may be challenged by a well heeled competitor which demands that you have a powerful creative strategy to promote your value proposition.

Because of your desire to grow sales, to define new customers, to reach the right prospects, to explain the superiority of your products relative to alternatives.

Because your access to Keith offers an uncommon ability to translate complex product technologies into easily understood user appeals, the keynote to accelerating sales. SPACER2



Acting as your company’s Creative Strategist, I will develop and manage Phase one of your Content Marketing strategy, built on a Blue Ocean “Positioning” philosophy, which embraces a marketing audit, an overall sales/marketing strategy, and the creative components required to take your message to market.

Phase two will be the execution phase consisting of your media arsenal development, your messaging distribution tactics, and various ROI measurement processes for checking the effectiveness of both social media, traditional advertising and word of mouth episodes. These services are typically handed over to your ad agency or your in-house marketing department.



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“I’d simply like to state that over the three years we worked together it became obvious that Keith is a creative genius with a way of assembling complex product presentations that helped J.D. Edwards increase sales by orders of magnitude.” Ed McVaney, former Chairman J.D. Edwards (now Oracle)

“One of the original super-stars of the technology marketing world….from Pansophic all the way to Platinum technology, inc…” Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski

Keith is one of my most valuable secret weapons. Bob Slaker, Director, WW Direct Response Marketing, SPSS (acquired by IBM)

As a Content Marketing enabler Keith can provide you with help in the development of engaging theme/image strategies.

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