Posted: April 15, 2015

Creativity is what makes the world go ’round. But you need to understand how it works before employing it for content.

It’s in your hands whether your prospects simply listen…or talk.


The challenge for creativity is to overpower, or alter, the belief cluster (sometimes referred to as the bull**** factor)

The real target of marketing efforts is not defined demographically (statistics), or psychographically (lifestyles) or even syncrographically (timing)…the target is the brain…and the challenge is to change attitudes, which in turn change behavior. Attitude changes occur through changes in brain chemistry … so think of yourself as a chemist… working on brain penetration and retention. The paradox: The quirky unknown doesn’t stick unless you successfully help your reader relate it to the believable known. The four most feared words in marketing communications: I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!

Consider the rising influence of social media aka public megaphones? It enables repetition.

And repetition of emotion evoking messages is the only known way to assure penetration of the belief clusters that serve as cognitive dissonance filters. Message retention, and distribution, is dependent on the use of a variety of media vehicles and social media is a small piece of that. What’s more pictures are far superior to words when it comes to altering the brain chemistry required of both penetration and retention …so if you’re contemplating a boring visual, or depending on all copy messages you’re in trouble.

Beware of taming the lightning of a great idea

This contribution comes from Tom Hall of O&M

Lightning is a metaphor for two contrasting experiences: sudden illumination and sudden death. Ben Franklin tamed the sudden death aspect. He gave us lightning rods so that we could admire the light without fearing the consequences. Sudden illumination is not a new phenomenon to marketers. Many a competitor has grabbed the lead with a brilliant marketing ploy… but more often brilliant ideas die with barely a whimper because of human lightning rods …people with a knack for grounding great ideas … people uncomfortable with change/new ideas… people who fear a burst of inspiration will wipe out the way they’ve been doing things, people who don’t want the bright light of your BIG IDEA to make theirs look dim by comparison. Be patient with lightning


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Because you may be challenged by a well heeled competitor which demands that you have a powerful creative strategy to promote your value proposition.

Because of your desire to grow sales, to define new customers, to reach the right prospects, to explain the superiority of your products relative to alternatives.

Because your access to Keith offers an uncommon ability to translate complex product technologies into easily understood user appeals, the keynote to accelerating sales. SPACER2



Acting as your company’s Creative Strategist, I will develop and manage Phase one of your Content Marketing strategy, built on a Blue Ocean “Positioning” philosophy, which embraces a marketing audit, an overall sales/marketing strategy, and the creative components required to take your message to market.

Phase two will be the execution phase consisting of your media arsenal development, your messaging distribution tactics, and various ROI measurement processes for checking the effectiveness of both social media, traditional advertising and word of mouth episodes. These services are typically handed over to your ad agency or your in-house marketing department.



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“One of the original super-stars of the technology marketing world….from Pansophic all the way to Platinum technology, inc…” Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski

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