February 18, 2015

While struggling to survive in the business jungle
keep this thought in mind…

Nobody buys technology from a stranger!


For your marketing efforts to be successful your products, services and company must become familiar and understood. Buyers and sellers need to be comfortable with one another before a sale happens. Sometimes protective coloration works.

lion stripes

Case in point…

Does a zebra trust anyone near him not wearing stripes? Not likely. He was programmed to recognize that critters wearing long hair and yellow hides could be the death of him. The faster your marketing communications establish a level of comfort, the shorter your selling cycles will be.

Why Zebras Only Trust Zebras

The simple fact is, buyers and sellers have to feel comfortable in one another’s presence. Sometimes you can disguise yourself. That’s why we have “the wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Historically, there have been a lot of wolves out there. But humans, like all the other species, have a primal instinct in them that is buried deep inside. Our instinct is to trust those who are like us, to distrust anything that runs counter to our gut feelings and question the motives of others. It’s what kept us alive in our more  primitive states and it’s what still guides us today.

An Introduction…designed to help you determine if you should follow this blog regularly.

This blog may save your life (businesswise). Or it could bore you to death. Between these two extremes you’ll be able to have a laugh or two and sharpen your skills in content marketing whether you’re on the client side or the digital agency side.

The entire blog is designed on a single theme: “People don’t buy from strangers.”  But I guess you’ve already figured that out from the title. The challenge for those in marketing is to get out of  “stranger” mode as quickly, efficiently and inexpensively  as possible. Engaging content is the best way to do that!  And I’m here to show you how.


questions typically asked


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Because you may be challenged by a well heeled competitor which demands that you have a powerful creative strategy to promote your value proposition.

Because of your desire to grow sales, to define new customers, to reach the right prospects, to explain the superiority of your products relative to alternatives.

Because your access to Keith offers an uncommon ability to translate complex product technologies into easily understood user appeals, the keynote to accelerating sales. SPACER2



Acting as your company’s Creative Strategist, I will develop and manage Phase one of your Content Marketing strategy, built on a Blue Ocean “Positioning” philosophy, which embraces a marketing audit, an overall sales/marketing strategy, and the creative components required to take your message to market.

Phase two will be the execution phase consisting of your media arsenal development, your messaging distribution tactics, and various ROI measurement processes for checking the effectiveness of both social media, traditional advertising and word of mouth episodes. These services are typically handed over to your ad agency or your in-house marketing department.



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“I’d simply like to state that over the three years we worked together it became obvious that Keith is a creative genius with a way of assembling complex product presentations that helped J.D. Edwards increase sales by orders of magnitude.” Ed McVaney, former Chairman J.D. Edwards (now Oracle)

“One of the original super-stars of the technology marketing world….from Pansophic all the way to Platinum technology, inc…” Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski

Keith is one of my most valuable secret weapons. Bob Slaker, Director, WW Direct Response Marketing, SPSS (acquired by IBM)
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