Posted: March 17, 2015

Suffering from the twin problems of low market awareness and inadequate lead flow?

To pan for marketing gold, deploy a 90 Day Blitz…

Panning for gold from Bill Vosnos-crop

Why a blitz?

The 90-Day Blitz offers a solution to such problems as lack of brand awareness, inadequate lead flow, poor market visibility, and the challenge of meeting quarterly numbers. Plus there’s a need to unify sales and marketing into speaking with one voice, as well as an ability to eliminate the inefficiency of the random task–or fragmented media approach–to media planning.

What exactly is a 90 Day Blitz?

What is a 90-Day Blitz? It’s a multimedia, lead-generation activity based on response compression techniques. It is a fully integrated 3 month program that integrates Content, Digital and Traditional vehicles to create a sense of event. The 90-Day Blitz produces a substantial flow of leads in a very short time with minimal commitment of financial resources.

Typically it uses 3 to 5 media vehicles to present your message to your prospect list over a week to ten-day period at the beginning of each of three months.

The source — and rationale

Why response compression? To quote Ernan Roman, author of the seminal Integrated Direct Marketing, “We have found that the traditional sequencing of media does not create the maximum synergy from the media being employed.

Specifically, the impressions are conveyed over too long a time period, diluting the impact to a significant degree … we create a sequence of ongoing contacts, using a variety of media.
These are deployed with short, carefully orchestrated intervals between contacts so that we gain a disproportionate share of the prospect’s attention.

A sense of event is generated — a feeling that something important is going on. It would be far more difficult, if not impossible to achieve this effect through isolated media. We call this tighter time-frame approach ‘response compression.’ By deploying media in an abbreviated time frame and across multiple platforms, we create an intensified synergy between media that generates much higher response rates.”

To learn more about the 90 Day Blitz, click here. BLITZ


Questions typically asked before hiring Keith Bates.


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Because you may be challenged by a well heeled competitor which demands that you have a powerful creative strategy to promote your value proposition.

Because of your desire to grow sales, to define new customers, to reach the right prospects, to explain the superiority of your products relative to alternatives.

Because your access to Keith offers an uncommon ability to translate complex product technologies into easily understood user appeals, the keynote to accelerating sales. SPACER2



Acting as your company’s Creative Strategist, I will develop and manage Phase one of your Content Marketing strategy, built on a Blue Ocean “Positioning” philosophy, which embraces a marketing audit, an overall sales/marketing strategy, and the creative components required to take your message to market.

Phase two will be the execution phase consisting of your media arsenal development, your messaging distribution tactics, and various ROI measurement processes for checking the effectiveness of both social media, traditional advertising and word of mouth episodes. These services are typically handed over to your ad agency or your in-house marketing department.



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“I’d simply like to state that over the three years we worked together it became obvious that Keith is a creative genius with a way of assembling complex product presentations that helped J.D. Edwards increase sales by orders of magnitude.” Ed McVaney, former Chairman J.D. Edwards (now Oracle)

“One of the original super-stars of the technology marketing world….from Pansophic all the way to Platinum technology, inc…” Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski

Keith is one of my most valuable secret weapons. Bob Slaker, Director, WW Direct Response Marketing, SPSS (acquired by IBM)

As a Content Marketing enabler Keith can provide you with help in the development of engaging theme/image strategies.

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