October 31, 2014

Are today’s CMOs swimming, treading water or drowning?

Whether your marketing execution is digital or traditional is irrelevant–
It’s the message, not the media that counts.


Expanded expectations by company management today requires new competencies from leaders in marketing regarding the following fields:

1. Digital Marketing
2. Strategic Planning
3. Business Analytics
4. Database Management
This summary per CMO Council

For help with Business Analytics and Database Management Bates has alliance partners he can rely on. But for the more critical issues involving Digital Marketing and Strategic Planning Bates will provide the

• Leadership
• Customer insights
• Creative thinking

Your Problems

Problem 1. Finding help in critical categories. According to Forrester there are four.

• Consultants who help with strategy but don’t execute.
• Tactical service providers help with ongoing tasks.
• Tech vendors with services to support their platforms.
• Agencies trying to offer it all but can’t.

Problem 2. Reduce Random Acts of Marketing that fail to drive business forward per CMO Council

• Employment of interactive marketing and digital for better media management
• Improve alignment and integration of marketing and sales

Problem 3. Need to speed up Operational Transformation in critical areas per CMO Council

• Digital marketing makeover
• Sales and marketing organizational alignment
• Social media channel integration and alignment
• Marketing performance measurement
• Customer data integration and analytics

Our Solutions

Strategic messaging needs to be seamlessly integrated across both the digital, social and traditional landscape of marketing media …and that’s what Keith Bates does for his clients through the application of a Communications Support Plan within his proprietary Marketing Engine.

When you’ve learned what your buyers need, and how they want to buy, our Marketing Engine will get the job done…like nobody else’s!

As a Content Marketing Enabler Keith can provide you with valuable assistance: research, curation, and copywriting.

SMB Problems/Solutions


• Few staff members
• Limited budgets
• Poor customer insights
• Losing out to recession
• Lacking specialized skills


• Interactive over traditional
• Use display, email, search
• Learn social media/mobile
• Specialized vendor partners