Posted: May 21, 2015

How do polar bears eat penguins? Probably not the way you think!

Build a boring blog and you’re out of business!

The world of marketing is accelerating daily the acceptance of content. It’s every where! And if you have hopes of breaking through the clutter you’d better get creative. Big time!


Engagement is the secret of potent content.

If you don’t turn people on they’ll turn you off. To get people’s attention, and hold it, you need to share with your audience knowledge that’s hard to find anywhere else, you need to be fun, entertaining, and informative. And one of the best ways to hold your reader’s attention is with stories. Favorites are case studies, told in a way your prospects can relate to.

Creativity is the key…

and while message retention is dependent on both words and pictures the use of pictures gives you an edge. Because pictures are far superior to words when it comes to altering the brain chemistry required of both penetration and retention …so if you’re contemplating a boring visual, or an all copy message, you’re in trouble.

Ways to make content more engaging

Excerpts from Michelle Lynn’s interviews for Content Marketing Institute.

  • Get inspired for fresh content by listening in to your audience’s conversations in forums, on Facebook, in your call center, on Twitter —
  • Help them solve their problems, or make life easier or more enjoyable.
  • Tell a story that reaches out and grabs readers.
  • Engaging content will happen naturally if you spend the time to really get to know the people you are trying to connect with.
  • Make it from the prospect’s perspective and make it timely
  • It doesn’t matter how well written your content is if readers aren’t emotionally involved in what you have to say.

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