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One of the things I learned early in my long marketing communications career was the power of messaging over the mechanics of media. More important than how messages are distributed is their content. So before exploring the complexity of social media and the endless array of digital tools, it is important to define, and manage, the desired messaging.

In addition to my CMO On Call consulting business I started a social network for adventurers ( which acts as my social media laboratory.

* Why the African scene? Many, many years ago I was a licensed PH (professional hunter) in South Africa. The images have stuck.
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Sunday,  January 29, 2012

Tecture’s role in went from that of a simple business resource to a business partner.

At some point we all get overwhelmed by the endless challenges of keeping three balls in the air simultaneously. For me it was the redevelopment of a social network I had started some time back, the redevelopment of a corporate website because the current iteration didn’t fit the market’s needs, and the development of two marketing communications programs—one for my social network and one for my coaching/consulting business. This is when I met Tecture who was introduced to me some time back by good friend Jay Budzik.
In Tecture’s own words, “Our goal for this project was to completely redesign the identity of the site, simplify the overall user experience, and give members reasons to return to the site other than just to upload their latest adventures. Tecture hit all points for this successful re-launch.”

With the site complete came the challenge of letting the world know. Currently the introduction of new marketing distribution technologies, including social media, seems to be escalating into a kind of arms race. One must try to remember to not confuse the mechanics of marketing with the messaging of marketing.

Message distribution is accomplished through the skillful use of integrated media. And while Keith Bates, CMO On Call, understands the philosophies, the processes, and possesses the underlying critical creative skills they are a little short in the hands-on department of coaxing Google+ and Facebook to cooperate. This is where Tecture saved the day. And I couldn’t endorse them more heartily.


If you see this blog in time attend the Marketing Innovators Luncheon Seminar

I met some great people at the January 25 Member Dinner at Osteria Via Stato in downtown Chicago.

The Chicago BMA is as deeply involved in social media as anyone and members get a great opportunity to share knowledge and experiences through frequent dinners and luncheon seminars. Hosted primarily by Gary Slack of Slack and Company, the January 25 session was particularly informative and attended by some great local BMA marketers including Brooke Lighton of Connascent which is a marketing company offering a unique position in supporting their customers.

Unlike traditional marketing support groups and ad agencies Brooke’s company has focused on solving the age old dilemma of marketing vs. sales. Since the beginning of time there has been a conflict. But Brooke has found a way to span the divide between the two. They have succeeded in blending focused strategies, creative and digital capabilities with selling methodologies to drive better outcomes. Take a look.

Another very interesting dinner pal was Jerry Alderman, CEO of Valkre Solutions. I was attracted to Jerry because he’s in the software business, sort of. And software marketing has been my life’s work. So I decided to learn more. And Jerry explained to me over dinner that they employ Render, their own software creation, which creates rigor around a detailed, actionable customer perspective to make DVP (differential value proposition) practical, scalable and sustainable.

A comment from client Owens Corning sums it up. “The Valkre team has created one of the first systems I have found that truly allows us to learn what our customer values and use that information in the daily operation of the business…”

Sounds like a pretty sincere endorsement to me. See you next month.




4 Responses to Need Social Media Help? Partner Up! I Did!

  • Ben Rowland
    February 1, 2012

    Keith, thanks for the wonderful review of Tecture! We’re thrilled to be a part of — and it’s great to see it taking off!

    • Keith
      February 12, 2012

      Ben, you’re welcome. You really earned the accolades for the work you’ve done.

  • Emile
    February 12, 2012

    And where is the facebook like button ?

    • Keith
      February 12, 2012

      It’s coming, along with a lot of additional usability factors.